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If you want to stay healthy or be healthier and improve your performance and physical capabilities, we can give you skilled and individual support, without over-diagnosis. We examine and treat a diverse range of patients:

✔ Healthy patients who want to keep fit and sometimes lose weight

✔ Patients who want to get to the bottom of internal medical problems and were referred by their GP or consultant

✔ Amateur and performance athletes who want to discover their level of performance and train more effectively

✔ Patients with risk factors such as lack of exercise, smoking, high blood pressure, poor blood fat values, obesity and stress

✔ Cardiac, cancer and diabetic patients and obese patients

During our extensive investigations, we place particular emphasis on recognising risk factors for cardiovascular disease and early organ damage. We also find out your health status and capacity for exercise. We work with you to develop your personal health plan based on the results.

After the relevant investigations, we give our patients individual sports therapy to help them use their own strength to recover. Telemedicine now enables us to more intensively look after cardiac patients, as well as leisure sportsmen and women who are preparing for a competition, closely follow their progress and continuously adapt their training plans.

Patients with statutory or private health insurance can benefit from our health checks, medical examinations and performance tests. We perform special manager checks on behalf of companies. Book your consultation with us (arrange an appointment). We look forward to meeting you!

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