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The Centre for Preventive and Sports Medicine is part of Klinikum Rechts der Isar at the Technical University of Munich, one of the leading clinics and universities in Germany. We are the largest centre for preventive and sports medicine and the leading sports cardiology centre in Germany. Every year, we examine and treat around 10,000 patients – with statutory and private health insurance – and carry out around 8,000 lactate tests, 1,000 cardiopulmonary exercise tests and around 1,000 training consultations. We have been a licensed examination centre for the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and a close partner of Olympiastützpunkt Bayern, for many years.

Our outstandingly well-trained, experienced team consists of internists, cardiologists, sports medicine physicians, nutritionists, osteopaths and chirotherapists, sports and nutritional scientists, medical laboratory technicians and dieticians. 

As a technical university, we offer the most up-to-date diagnostics and concepts in line with the latest scientific and medical developments. We have the entire range of internal diagnostics at our fingertips to get to the bottom of any health problems. At the same time, our aim is not to practise “high-tech” medicine. We advise and treat you holistically and as an individual, against the background of a healthy, health-conscious lifestyle. Feasibility and your long-term success is important to us, because we want you to “stick with it”. Continuity of service matters to us too.

What we focus on:
• Clearing up internal and other medical problems
• Diagnosing individual exercise tolerance
• In-depth, personal consultation on medical findings
• Detailed recommendations for physical activity and nutrition

Prevention from a single source
We work together closely with our colleagues from other specialist departments at Klinikum Rechts der Isar – from cardiology (cardiac catheterisation) to radiology (MRI and CT scans of the heart or internal organs), from gastroenterology (bowel cancer screening) to urology (prostate cancer screening) and gynaecology (breast cancer screening) to dermatology (skin cancer screening), so that you get additional investigations and treatments as soon as you need them. We find out what measures are necessary in interdisciplinary teams but we are still your main point of contact. You benefit from the best, coordinated care, short waiting times and highest quality.

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