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Competitive sport – precise diagnostics for medal hopes

Investigations for competitive sportsmen and women

Competitive sportsmen and women want to be able to rely on their body and sports medicine specialists can help. Clubs and associations send their athletes from different age groups and disciplines for regular team and medical examinations, because top athletes also need annual preventive examinations of their cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. 

We are the largest centre for preventive and sports medicine in Germany. We have been a licensed examination centre for the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) for many years. Every year we perform more than 500 examinations for the national team, with laboratory tests, ECG, echocardiography, lactate diagnostics and, if necessary, cardiopulmonary exercise tests, to check individual fitness levels and progress. We also perform lung function tests, hearing and eye tests for some disciplines. We discuss the results of the health check and performance diagnostics with athletes and trainers and support them as they plan for their future. 

As an internationally renowned centre for sports cardiology, we examine top sportsmen and women from all over the world, for example, before they transfer to Europe. As a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence we offer footballers medical performance tests, in addition to internal and sports medicine investigations, in cooperation with the orthopaedic clinic München Harlaching and the department for applied biomechanics. 

Care for training and competition

Can I train - can I compete? As well as sports medicine and cardiological preventive examinations, we also check whether individual sportsmen and women are fit enough to train and compete (athlete surgeries). The activities and skills that we have been practising for many years also include field tests and medical care during intensive training and competition phases.

Our partners in competitive sport
Doping: zero tolerance policy

We are committed to clean sport, which is why we operate a “zero tolerance policy”, in cooperation with sports associations and sportsmen and women. This policy means that we only work with associations whose athletes, trainers and managers abide by the Anti-Doping Code of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).

All athletes have to sign a new anti-doping declaration before being examined in our outpatient clinic. By signing this declaration, they release us from our duty to maintain confidentiality, so that we can pass on any suspicions straight to the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). All of the staff in our centre have also signed the DOSB Anti-Doping Code. 


We examine and treat athletes from the following clubs and associations, among others:

  • The athletes of the Deutsche Skiverband (DSV). Lecturer Dr. Johannes Scherr is the senior team physician for men’s and women’s alpine skiing in the DSV
  • Audi Motorsport at the DTM (German Touring Car Masters), as well as the Porsche partner Proton Competition at the WEC
  • FC Ingolstadt  
  • Youth players at FC Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich

We were medical coordinators for the Munich site during the 2006 World Cup and we have been one of FIFA’s few European sports medicine centres (FIFA Medical Center of Excellence) since 2009.

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