Manager check

Prevention for key players – am I healthy?

Increasing pressure to perform, long-term stress and 24/7 availability: managers are exposed to constant physical and mental stress, resulting in long-term susceptibility to a number of health problems, such as heart attack, stroke and burn-out. Absence at managerial level is considerably harder to cope with than other absences, which is why managers should not get ill in the first place.

Our comprehensive manager check helps to avoid health problems. Guided by our renowned preventive medicine physician, Professor Martin Halle, we offer you highly specialised, cardiological and internal medicine diagnostics of your health and physical capabilities. We also give you tailored recommendations on exercise, nutrition and stress management.
Am I healthy? Where are my health risks? How can I stay well and become healthier? After a management check with us, you will know your status and how you can achieve your personal goal.

For anybody who is under pressure, wants to maintain their productivity and vitality and improve their work-life balance, as well as anybody who has already been affected by a serious illness and wants to prevent a relapse.

How can you benefit from a manager check with us?

✔ Instant clarification of your health status and physical capabilities

✔ Tailored recommendations in line with the latest scientific findings

✔ Our highly skilled, interdisciplinary team of doctors: internists, cardiologists, sports medicine physicians and nutritionists

✔ Many years of exceptional expertise (e.g. Prof. Halle has been continuously working closely together with BMW since 2006)

✔ Professor Halle is one of the world’s leading scientists in his research area and, as Medical Director, he is very familiar with the demands of managerial roles.

✔ The time-saving check only takes half a day

What the manager check covers

✔ Thorough, comprehensive medical history, including discussion of immunisation status and cancer screening

✔ Physical examination: measurement of height, weight, waist and body fat

✔ Laboratory: blood picture, risk factors such as cholesterol and long-term blood sugar, determination of the functional parameters of kidneys, liver, thyroid, pancreas, determination of tumour markers, checks on metabolism and hormone analysis and, if applicable, vitamin and immunisation status

✔ Analysis of urine for the presence of red and white corpuscles, protein, nitrite, glucose and other substances

✔ Resting ECG

✔ Echocardiogram

✔ Ultrasound of the carotid arteries and vessels in the stomach and legs

✔ Determination of vascular rigidity to find out biological vascular age

✔ Examination of the vessels in the eyes and brain (retina diagnostics)

✔ Eye and hearing test

✔ For men: prostate cancer screening

✔ Ultrasound examination of the thyroid

✔ Ultrasound of the abdominal organs - liver, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, as well as ultrasound of the prostate in men

✔ Lung function

✔ Ergometry (exercise test with ECG and blood pressure monitoring and oxygen saturation)

✔ Stress echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart under strain to reveal any circulatory disorders in the heart)

✔ Lactate performance diagnostics to assess your stamina, find out your ideal training zone and monitor how your performance improves

✔ Comprehensive concluding discussion with individual lifestyle advice (exercise, nutrition and stress management), based on the results of your examinations, and creation of a professional training plan

✔ Detailed doctor’s letter (posted to your private address)

Additional investigations on the basis of individual findings or problems will be charged separately.
The “manager check” preventive examination will be charged according to the medical fee schedule (GOÄ). The costs are paid by the company on the basis of a framework agreement.

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