Tailored occupational health promotion

Dear Managers and Human Resources Managers,

The economic success of a business relies on the health of its staff. We can help you to keep your staff fit for work with comprehensive, tailored concepts for occupational health promotion, health days, seminars and manager checks. We are the largest centre for preventive and sports medicine and the leading sports cardiology centre in Germany. Every year, we examine around 10,000 patients of all ages – from couch potatoes to Olympic champions and from cancer patients to heart transplant patients. We welcome anybody who would like to discover and improve the status of their health.

We have also been looking after large and small businesses in the field of occupational health management for many years. BMW, O2, Techniker Krankenkasse or BP – we have tested the physical exercise tolerance of many thousands of employees and supported them on the way to an active, conscious lifestyle.

What we can do for you
  • Reveal personal risks with preventive medical examinations

  • Improve your health skills with tailored lifestyle recommendations

  • Improve the performance and resilience of your staff, with your own training programmes in your company

  • Counteract the dangers posed by sitting for long periods and lack of exercise with suggestions for more exercise in everyday working life (stamina, strength and coordination)
Why you should invest in occupational health management

Workplace absences have increased by more than a third in the past ten years. Long-term incapacity for work because of cardiovascular disease and cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, depression and burn-out cost companies billions every year. An aging workforce, increasing demands, work intensification and competitive pressure - it is possible to effectively counteract changes in the world of work with individual prevention. Many illnesses can be avoided by recognising the warning signs and risk factors early on and counteracting them with targeted measures.

The topic of preventive healthcare is not just a concern for older employees. It affects every age group. Health is already an issue for people entering into the world of work. The body doesn’t forget and the strains that occur throughout the course of life all add up. Stress, lack of exercise and poor diet are part of the everyday life of the majority of employees. If they improved their lifestyle, the level of illness in companies would decrease considerably.

Get professional support to keep your team healthy in the long term.

Why we, in particular, can help you

Occupational health promotion is a major part of our centre - the largest for preventive and sports medicine and the best-known sports cardiology centre in Germany. Having examined more than 100,000 patients and carried out extensive scientific studies, we have exceptional specialist expertise and vast experience.

With our well-devised, realistic concepts, we help you to actively take on your challenges and to keep your workforce in great shape. After analysing the actual situation, we present you with measures that fit in with the prevailing conditions in your business: You will be surprised by how very simple measures and very little time can have a positive effect on health. We motivate your team to consciously take responsibility for their well-being.

We will also show you how stamina, strength and coordination can be trained at the same time. We claim to achieve feasibility and long-term success with scientifically sound findings - continuity of performance, i.e. ten minutes per day is better than no training at all

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