Preventive medicine

Clarity about your health

Target group and overview

You haven’t done any sport for years or you were never a fan of exercise. Your GP has advised you to exercise because of risk factors, such as smoking, long-term stress, high blood pressure or obesity, but you don’t know where to begin. You would really like to be fitter, but you actually “never have time to exercise”.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, followed by cancer. Act now, because you can’t take your health for granted. Everybody can actively influence and improve their health. A fit cardiovascular system also makes a decisive contribution to coping with the stress and challenges of everyday life and work.

Our sports medicine “preventive” health check enables us to find out your current health status and exercise tolerance. Using the results of the health check, we define, together with you, suitable, easily made lifestyle changes to avoid illnesses, where possible, or to treat them in time. The in-depth doctor-patient discussion is about exercise (“Sport on Prescription”), diet and stress management.

Our sports medicine “preventive” health check is suitable for everyone, especially men and women over 35, anyone who has not exercised for a long time, has other risk factors, in addition to lack of exercise or who has a family history of health problems.

Benefits for you

✔ A comprehensive, sports medicine examination enables you to find out for certain the status of your health, potential risks and how much exercise you can tolerate

✔ We devise your personal health strategy together with you. We can see your progress, adjust the intensity of training and give you long-term support to achieve your goals in follow-up examinations.

✔ We are a highly qualified, prominent and motivated team of doctors, made up of cardiologists, internists, sports medicine physicians and nutritionists. We work at the cutting edge of international science and offer the whole range of internal medicine diagnostics. We take time for your health.

✔ We are particularly concerned with recognising cardiovascular risk factors (such as high blood pressure, raised LDL cholesterol or long-term blood-sugar values) and then treating them, especially with lifestyle changes. On the basis of medical history and diagnosis, we give you advice about how to become healthier, tolerate more exercise and perform better. We discuss what types of exercise suit you and draw up a training plan for you (“Sport on Prescription”) that you can realistically fit into your everyday life. We claim to provide feasibility and long-term success - continuity before performance.

✔ Recommendations on nutrition and stress management that are easy to put into practice, as well as advice on cancer screening and inoculations round off the concluding discussion of the “preventive” health check.

What is covered

The “preventive” health check includes:  

Comprehensive medical history
Lifestyle, risk factors, illnesses, pre-existing conditions in the family, immunisation status

Thorough internal medicine and sports medicine examination:  
• Measurement of height, weight, waist and body fat
• Blood sampling to check the function of liver, kidneys, cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism
• Basic “heart” diagnostics (measurement of resting blood pressure, resting ECG)
• Exercise-tolerance test on cycle or treadmill ergometer

• Echocardiogram
• Lactate performance diagnostics  to establish your stamina, find your idea training zone and monitor how your performance improves
• Cardiopulmonary exercise test to accurately assess the performance of your cardiopulmonary system and metabolism

Personal concluding discussion and documentation:
• Discussion of your investigation results
• Advice about lifestyle (exercise, diet and stress management), immunisations and cancer screening
• Detailed doctor’s letter (you and your GP will receive one by post a few days later)

If we gather relevant findings during the “preventive” basic examination or if we already have relevant information about your individual risk profile, we will recommend the logical next steps from a medical point of view. If necessary, we can perform a large number of additional investigations in our centre and in close cooperation with our colleagues in other departments at Klinikum Rechts der Isar and German Heart Centre Munich. You benefit from close, personal cooperation, short waiting times, no loss of information and the highest level of skill.

Time required

The complete examination, including concluding discussion, takes around four hours.


Please bring the following with you to your appointment:
• Any preliminary findings and medical reports
• Your medication plan, if you are taking any medication
• Vaccination certificate
• Sportswear and trainers for the exercise test
• Toiletries for showering
• A snack

Please also note:  
• You must have an empty stomach for the examination (your last meal should be at least eight hours before)
• Avoid intense physical exercise the day before the examination
• Do not drink alcohol or eat fatty food the evening before
• On the day of the examination, keep taking any regular medication as prescribed

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