Sports nutrition

How cancer and adipose parasites can influence their prognosis and quality of life

Our sports medicine and nutritionists work closely together at the interdisciplinary Prevention Centre at Klinikum Rechts der Isar. We examine and advise patients in line with the latest scientific findings. Cancer patients and obese patients, in particular, get specific help to use individually tailored nutrition to have a lasting, positive influence on the progress of their illness and their quality of life, in addition to sports therapy.

Cancer and diet

The right diet plays an important role in all phases of cancer treatment. There is no one cancer diet that will help all patients. However, individual nutritional steps support medical treatment. Changing dietary habits can help to make treatment and side effects easier to tolerate.

Cancer patients often have problems with loss of appetite, weight loss, intolerances and pain in the gastrointestinal tract. They also often suffer greatly from severely restricted ability to exercise and do not know how to improve it.

By working together closely with the Roman Herzog Comprehensive Cancer Center (RHCCC) at Klinikum Rechts der Isar and the Tumour Treatment Centre, our centre can offer various treatment options, such as:
• Nutritional advice during and after tumour treatment
• 6-month programme with individual training recommendations, following performance diagnostics and accompanying nutritional advice

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Obesity and diet

Around 16 million people in Germany are obese. The wrong diet, eating disorders and lack of exercise, but also underactive thyroid and psychological stress can lead to obesity. We get to the root of your individual causes in a comprehensive examination. Our experienced doctors will be happy to advise and support you to help you become healthy again and win the fight against obesity.

Obese patients often already suffer from secondary health problems such as joint pain, breathing and circulatory problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and fat metabolism disorders. Their mental health is often also affected, which is expressed in low self-esteem and social isolation.

We offer basal metabolic rate measurement by means of a cardiopulmonary exercise test to find out your basal metabolic rate and how your metabolism is distributed.

Contact us for a tailored examination and nutritional advice if you want to regain control over your obesity. We usually combine nutritional advice with an appropriate exercise programme. At our interdisciplinary centre, you will be in excellent hands.

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